Manual hydraulic Fly Ash brick making machine

Manual Hydraulic Fly Ash Brick Making Machine

This Machine is Hydraulic Press Manual Brick Machine. This is Manual hydraulic fly ash brick making machine is 15-20 Ton Hydraulic Pressure with 1 HP Vibration System. In Ths Machine you can make Best quality Brick and Paver Block. with Hydraulic Pressure In this machine you can make Fly Ash Brick, Paver Block, Concrete block, Hollow Block, Cement Brick etc. you can make. (HVB Exports)

This machine is work on 3 (2+1) HP Single Phase Motor.

Manual Hydraulic Fly Ash Brick Making Machine Setup:-

  1. Main Brick Machine
  2. Side TAble and Hopper box for feeding material
  3. On-Off Reverce Forward Switch
  4. 1 HP Single Phase Motor
  5. Material Mixing Rasio
  6. 50 LTR Oil Tank with 2 HP Flange Tope Motor (Crompton Make)
Pallet Size 12*22 Inch
Voltage 220 & 440 Both
Warranty 1 Year
Tolerance 0.5 mm
Material Mild Steel
Brand HVB
Main Technology Hydraulic Pressure + Vibration Brick Machine
Electricity Requirement Yes
Maximum High Pressure 15-20 Tonne
Model Name/Number HVB300
Place Of Origin India
Oil Tank Capacity 50 Ltr
Method Hydraulic Pressure
Brick Type Solid
Capacity 300 bricks per hour
Power 2 HP Hydraulic + 1 HP Vibration
Automation Grade Semi-Automatic
Usage/Application Industrial

Manual Hydraulic Fly Ash Brick Making Machine